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Last night the Full Blue Moon occurred during a Void of Course. The void of course is when the moon is transitioning into a new astrological sign, moving from one to another – in between. Typically, witches and astrologers that I know refer to this as a chaotic time when energies are not channeled in any specific direction. I know many folks who will not even attempt any sort of working during this time, for fear it will muck up somehow. I, however, have a very different way of looking at things.

raven, void of course, moon, la luna

I embrace the moon in all her phases. Normally, we work with the moon based upon and within the influences that effect her. However, I see the Void of Course as a Wild Card. As with Wild Cards, if they come up in your deck, you can use them to signify any card in the deck you desire. I believe, and my knowledge is experiential as well as theoretical, that one can use Void of Course energies in this manner by simply focusing their Will.

So how does one focus their Will? This is done through meditation and continued communication with our deities and allies. By learning to still your “monkey mind,” and focus on a stillpoint, you become more equipped with the skills needed to direct your intention.

If one has the Strength of Intention to work with Void of Course energies, one can ask for the desires of their heart. It is during this time that we are not bound by the influences of outside astrological forces, but can aim our intention exactly where we want it to go, provided we are able to focus our Will and Energy.