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In previous months I had been blessed to work with Elephant. She came to me to show me how to tread lightly and to learn how my presence in the world effects all around me (animal, mineral, and plant.) From her I had learned more about my part in this web of existence of which we are all part. I was sad, but the better for her visit, when I believed that she had gone.

elephant ally babyThis weekend, however, elephant came back to me as I planted my garden. The bees were all around me (an important ally from my childhood to now) and elephant showed up to remind me to tread lightly as I was weaving the web.

In addition, this morning when I checked my email, there was a message from Amazon containing a list of elephant books. This would have been easily explained away if I had ever searched for books about elephants, but I had not. Seems elephant is going to be sticking around for a while. I have more to learn from her.