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It has been my desire to be working in more of a spiritual service capacity. My day job is about the furthest thing from spiritual. I work in advertising and it doesn’t appear that much has changed since the era Mad Men is based on.

This past week, I have been blessed to be of service spiritually.

my winding spiritual pathOver the course of the previous seven days I have seen two Reiki clients, regressed a client so she could deal heal some past life traumas, participated in two house blessings, and helped dedicate a medicine wheel. This is the sort of week I wish to have regularly, to feel in service and use my skills and abilities as they were meant to be used.

This week, I will begin teaching private Rune classes and I am most certainly excited about this prospect. I will also have the opportunity to attend an herbal conference and learn from many respected herbalists this weekend. I have been volunteering to assist this effort for a while, and am excited to see it take off!