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Remember in the last post how I talked about the workshop with the Curandera? The mojo that was worked during that evening was powerful indeed! See, we did this ritual where we chose what we wanted to release from our lives, and what we desired to gain, and we set that in to motion.

Now, I am would say that I have a bit of ability and talent when it comes to manifestation. I am often surprised at home the Universe actually listens when I ask! This, coupled with a room full of Powerful Women, all working to manifest our own and collective goals….. Raw, Focused Power!

I will not go into exactly what it is that I decided to release and draw in, just know that it had to do with ego and walking my True Path with Wisdom.

Yup……. So, …. I lost my job yesterday, seemingly out of the blue. I mean, I was sitting in the meeting with my boss and shocked! Actually, he seemed a bit at a loss as well. I asked him to give me a list of reasons why they needed to let me go, but he was unable to come up with anything. Weird, right?marshall existential crisis HIMYMIt is true, the job that I was in I often referred to as “soul sucking” and “heartless” and lamented that I was not out making a positive difference in the world. I found myself regularly suffering small existential crises, akin to those of Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. The Fates must have been listening, because Spider Goddess’s web got a makeover!

Since the “break up” I have found that I need less sleep, I am less stressed, and I kinda see the world just a bit differently. Is that even possible? It has only been 36 or so hours, but I actually am a bit excited. I feel like I am the star of a Choose Your Own Adventure novel – “Which exciting career path will she choose. Turn to page 53 if you choose…..”