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So, I did get started on this a couple of days ago, but I did not have the opportunity to blog about it. As such, this post shall be a bit of “catch up.”

If you are interested in the Great Release Program, I don’t believe it is too late to get started. You can find out more by going to Silver Ravenwolf’s Blog.

Day 1 – Walk around the house and take note of all the areas that you would like to clean and what you would like to accomplish. Turns out there is a rather lengthy list of bits that I would like to tackle during this program. I spent my three minutes of “speed cleaning” clearing off the dinner table, which tends to be a catch all for our papers.

Day 2 – I set up a special spot where my old work desk was. I figured that this was a perfect spot for putting my altar, since I had released the old job and am moving toward following my true path.  I made my nine wishes, only one of which was for myself (surprisingly.) 😉 I found it very difficult to get rid of 9 things, but I had to keep telling myself “This is for the release, and for my wishes,” and eventually I got it done, along with my 5 minute speed cleaning exercise.

Day 3 – I found it difficult to go through my house completely and remove all the clutter. After a time I got so sick of the shtuff that I ended up tossing more than I expected. and excellent release!

Day 4 – I did not do well on this day. I hate dusting because I have so many knick knacks. I did as much as I could, but I focused on the rooms in the front of the house. The positive side of this is that I am starting to really feel the the Release. I found myself emotional in that I was letting go of old emotions.