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In one of my last posts here, I was talking about having lost my job, and the wonderful opportunities that had afforded me. Since losing our family’s main source of income, I have been completely restructuring my life. I have started a couple of new business ventures, and begun steering my Ship in only directions that I feed my soul.  I have been dancing more, singing more, teaching regularly, and filling my world with Art. Sadly, that is not all that has been part of my life…..

Of late, I have found that many of my “friends” do not wish for my success. People that I once embraced have betrayed me in ways I could not have expected. I know some of this is because I am in the “public eye” more, as public as my niche in my city is…. but in all honesty, such behavior is never okay. Allow me to elaborate.

A dear friend and I recently started a bi-monthly art market, much like a Farmer’s Market. We have different vendors come out each time and showcase their wares as folks are milling about having their coffee and donuts in the food trailer on premise. We started this and, of course, told all of our friends to come and showcase their wares, as their success is part of why we are doing this. Many friends took us up on the offer. However, a couple decided to copy our model (nearly word for word) and start their own market. To add insult to injury, they invited all of our mutual friends to take part, but did not invite us. *tsk, tsk, tsk*

Another example: I was working on a new business venture with that same dear friend. (We really are trying to make our lives all about doing what we love.) She added me into her cooperative venture. Not even a week in, she received some uncomplimentary feedback, before we had even begun to do business. The naysayer , a mutual friend, was slinging bad juju before we had opened our business, and while we were getting our duckies in a row, if you will. Would it not have been better to ask question or offer input, rather than making assumptions and talking smack?

I know that there will always be haters, especially when one is being innovative and taking charge of their environment, but the saddest part for me is that I called these folks friends, and they were part of my larger spiritual community.  I had thought better of them. Sad.

Anyway, I would like to say that I have learned a lesson from this, but I cannot. Just know, I have raised my shields, put up my boundaries, and presented them with a mirror. Shame on the witch that seeks to harm another Witch.