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Each year, as you know, I set a list of goals for myself. One of these goals was to do more writing. I have achieved that goal in spades. In fact, I now have to be more stringent with my scheduling so that I can meet all of my deadlines. Here is a gander at what is currently on my plate, projects I am excited about:

  • I have been writing for Pagan Pages and recently was given sole responsibility for reviews. I am ecstatic! I get to read new books, hear programs, listen to music, and sample apps. Life is good!
  • A publisher has expressed mild interest in one of my books. I have been invited to send in a chapter and proposal. The ball is in my court, and I am coming out swinging!
  • A friend of mine has started publishing a new magazine. I have been invited to regularly contribute work to it. My first contribution, and the beginning of a series, will be a couple pages discussing the Elder Futhark. I plan to cover 3 runes per issue. The creative freedom afforded me in this project is really exciting!

I love writing, it is a way that I speak my soul. I am thankful that I made space in my life for these opportunities, so thankful. I am blessed.

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