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Well, not dangerously, per se. This year I have chosen to do intensive Shadow Work. By making that declaration, I have invited parts of myself from the deepest recesses of my consciousness to come forth and make themselves known. As they surface, I must take the responsibility of working through them.

The point of shadow work is to bring into the light any of the aspects of your self that are blocking you from becoming fully aligned with and functioning as your Higher Self. This work is continuous as we live through each life, allowing us to eventually transcend this plane being fully actualized in our Bee-ing, a Hollow Bone, if you will.

My desire this lifetime is to work through a whole heck of a lot of my “issues” so that I can live a more (internally) peaceful life, and be a conduit for the works of Spirit.


One misconception about the shadow self is that it is a “bad” part of one’s self. I don’t actually agree with this. I honor my shadow, knowing that shadow is required to find a balance and be a complete, whole person. It is the act of repressing those darker parts of our Self that we become out of balance. Shadow work is the space in which we acknowledge and rebalance those pieces of ourselves.

This type of work is done alone. I have been far from social in recent months, due to many factors, but mostly because of my need to fully examine and address what has been brought forth into my consciousness. I have been amazed at the growth this has afforded me, and at the same time painfully aware of the growth that is still needed in my life.

Currently, I am in the stage of purging. I am attempting to get rid of all that no longer serves me, in all realms from physical to spiritual. I have been cleaning our relationships, my physical possessions, my calendar, and nearly every other category that you can imagine. I am scaling down to a more minimalist, unfettered existence without the trappings that weigh me down and keep me from clearly walking the path I have chosen.

In the coming months, I hope to fully integrate all of these changes and walk with discernment and sensitivity, doing the work of Spirit.