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In my last post I spoke about how I was focusing on Shadow Work this year. Along with that has come a nudge from my guides and deities to do another cleanse. I have been trying to put this off for quite sometime, but it seems that all was aligned just so, and I could no longer ignore the need.

The last time I did a cleanse of this nature, it was at the urging of the Morrigan. She told me that it was needed, and in true Morrigan fashion, gave me little choice in the matter. Some of you may recall how intense that was from previous posts; I had crazy dreams, interesting visions, and was refreshed and aware.  This time is turning out to be quite similar.

I am currently rounding out Day 6, and I have noticed that this time it is not as painful a process. My body is happy to expel and release all of the toxins in my system. I am breathing much more clearly, and I am hyper aware of all that is around me and that passes through me.

Prior to this cleanse, I was noticing how the food I was taking in was often making me sluggish and tired. I would become hungry, eat a bit, then want to take a nap. I was not eating a lot, but I was also gaining weight. It just seemed that my body was severely out of balance, so when my guides insisted upon the cleanse, I knew they were right.

This time I hope to go for a whole month, and fully clean out my system. After which, I will have to slowly introduce other foods besides fruits and vegetables. I am a vegetarian, but I may become closer to a fruititarian when this is all over. I feel good, and love the heightened sensitivity that I feel in all aspects of my Self.