All Worlds are created equal. Must they also be separate?


I often joke that I have studied every religion from Anglican to Zoroastrianism. Mostly, that is true. In my personal life, as well as in college I delved into the study of philosophy and spirituality. I wrote papers on the Indian Grammarians. Attended Buddhist temples. Participated in Quaranic Exegesis. I learned one thing from each of these belief systems – They are more similar in spirit than they are different.

Perhaps it is another form of the “half full/half empty” conversation, but I tend toward seeing similarities in people/philosophies/situations rather than seeing the differences. For this reason, I excelled in comparative religion studies, and still do.

Yesterday I was sitting down to study. I looked down at the books before me and asked myself why I didn’t specialize in any one tradition. I attend a synagogue to nourish my Jewish self. I teach both a runic magick course and an Egyptian deity circle. Currently I am also delving into the Welsh tradition.

I once heard it said that to progress magickally, one must specialize. I understand this to a degree, but this is not how my brain interacts with knowledge. I see it all as interconnected and shared. These traditions are not separated, but are part of a very harmonious whole. Is this really a novel idea?