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I was just reviewing this blog, and my year in posts. I see that over the course of 2014, all of my posts fit on one page, making it look as though I had forgotten about this space. I have not.


Truth is, I dedicated my year to doing Shadow Work for the whole of the 13 moon cycle. In making that declaration, I opened a huge bag of snakes. My shadow came at me head on, and I met it well.

Because Shadow Work, when done well, is so deeply personal, most of my journaling has been in my notebook. Private. Secret. Between me, myself, and I alone. My internal dialogue can often be very productive……often, er, sometimes….

Over the past 13 moon (and yes, I am aware that this cycle is not yet complete) I have released so much of what does not serve me, and have gained a balance in my life that has allowed me to progress as a person, friend, lover, mother, etc.

As this year draws to a close, I have been feeling the need to take on another commitment of the sort that I did this year. However, knowing where I was supposed to be concentrating my efforts was elusive to me. I didn’t stress about this though, as I have frankly been busy with so much in the past few weeks.

I got together with a dear friend a few days ago in order to do some energy work. As I settled in for a journey, I saw it. My guides made it plain and simple so that I would not have opportunity to misunderstand. The next cycle, for me, is going to be about Ritual and Action.