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It never ceases to amaze and impress me that when you speak with Spirit, ultimately someone is listening and taking notes. Late last year I was deciding what would be my motto or goal for 2015. I had very intensely embarked upon a year of shadow work in 2014, and so was ready for something….. less painful (though I do so love my shadow). My guides informed me that this year was to be about Ritual & Action.

I declared my intention for the year aloud and in formal ceremony, and since that time, I have found the universe keeps handing me occasion to make good on my promise. My daily practice has become renewed, and all of my day seems to have become part of a greater ritual. In addition, I have eagerly taken on a challenge that will greatly intensify my spiritual work, I am quite certain.  Beginning this weekend, I will be doing divination at a local Renaissance Festival each weekend for two months.


I have been doing divination for a very long time, but never formally, as I have so many friends that do so and I ….. well…… I don’t know. I am an intuitive reader, working in both Norse runes (Elder Futhark) and tarot. Though I do nothing in my life conventionally, I do feel that I can tap into Spirit using these means. It is now time for me to step into the world and do this more formally, as part of my practice.