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So…. it has been a long time since I have written here. I have been doing a great deal of writing (I wrote a short book and am working on a second), but I just have not felt called to place anything down here. Until now.

Over the course of the last year or so, I have done so much…. I am sure I will post about that as we go on, but today I am just moving forward.


The Great Release – Day 1

This year I feel called to participate in the Great Release. I have a tradition where during the final month of the Gregorian Calendar year I get rid of one full bin “stuff” each week. The Great Release fits into this tradition seamlessly.

I started the program yesterday, December 1st. On the first day I cleaned out my children’s book case and removed a bunch of books to be donated to a shelter. I know in Silver Ravenwolf’s program we throw something away each day. However, if it can be used again, I will donate it. I get rid of a great deal of stuff, but I can never put something in landfill if it can have another purpose.

This year the program calls for us to choose a totem or two for the purposes of this work. I chose Ant and Vulture. Ant seemed very obvious to me. They are excellent workers and part of a superorganism, which I feel humans could also affect if we were all aware of our connections. Vulture came to me after a bit more soul searching, however. Vulture is a carrion bird and they help us to break down what is no longer living and help compost it. That is what I want to do this season, get rid of all that is no longer serving me, and move forward.

In addition to the overall tasks of the program, I also did an extensive cord cutting ritual. I know I have held attachment to relationships that no longer serve me, so I worked to let go of all of those yesterday. After doing so, what had started as a difficult day turned completely around.