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I most certainly have HUGE breaks in my blogging, but I never stop growing in my spirituality. Often the process would be enhanced by writing and documenting the process, and I do that most often these days in my paper journals. There is something very therapeutic about putting actual ink to paper. I love the feel of forming the letters, words, and sentences with my hands.

This being said, I have been feeling called to revive the blogging process. I have said this before, and found that I had not the momentum to keep it up. I shall work to overcome the loss of momentum and reform the habit.

Personal Update

In the past many months since I have blogged, my life has changed so completely. I moved out of the house that my lover and I purchased together and began living a life that I love and that is more in alignment with who I am as a complete and whole person.

As a result of this complete shift in my life, I am now on a path to fulfill many of my life desires.

  • I will be obtaining my Masters of Education in the Spring.
  • I have developed ecology education curriculum which I will publishing in that timeframe as well.
  • My book has received a copyright and will be published (independently) quite soon.
  • And….. and this is something I have been working to manifest for, easily a decade…. – I will be opening, along with some close witchy-poo friends, an Occult Boutique where education and growth will be the purpose. (Below is a pic of the overall aesthetic we are working towards)store_2