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Last night was my first journey with the Women’s Shamanic Circle.  Our journey involved healing ancestral burdens.  As such, we did a guided meditation to find out an area in need of healing from the branches of our family tree.  Here is a somewhat detailed account of my journey:

I entered the Lower World in the company of my power animals – Owl, Frog, Bee, and Stag.  We went to meet a “Hollow Bone” ancestor.  Mine was a pleasant surprise to me.  Only a couple short months ago, I met one of my spirit guides.  He was a beautiful, middle-aged Native Indian man.  He told me that his name is Iniri.  I was not aware at that time that he is an ancestor of mine.

Before beginning my journey to find an ancestral burden needing healing, I had a “conversation” with him.  He never actually spoke to me, except to tell me his name – Sitting Eagle. Most of his communication was done via images.  He showed me his life in pictures.  He had a child, not sure the gender, and a beautiful wife.  He lived in the mountains, and he often journeyed alone through them, just taking in the beauty of the world.

After getting to know him a little better, I asked him to help me show me an issue from my ancestral past.  He took me to a place that was, strangely, in black and white.  Judging from the attire of the people, the time period was late 1800s.  There was a lovely, dapper fellow wearing a fine suit.  He had a vest which had a pocket.  In that pocket, was a pocket watch.  He kept taking it out and looking at it, as if expecting something. All the while, he was pacing.

Sitting in a chair and rocking back and forth anxiously with her baby, was a woman.  She was very lovely with shoulder length, well coiffed hair.  The scene was that of a very well to-do family.  No one I recognize.  They were obviously anxious and waiting for something – news, person(s), I know not.  Before I could get any sort of explanation for their discomfort, my recently deceased GMa broke into the scene.

Grandma came to me full of love and asking me for forgiveness.  As you know from previous posts, my mother was forcibly taken from her.  She told me that this had resulted in my mother having abandonment issues.  She has also been unable to express her emotions freely.  This resulted in her leaving my sister and I when we were just becoming young ladies.

I did not blame her for any of this.  These circumstances were out of her control, and the Grandparents that I did grow up with, I would not trade for anything in the universe.  Forgiving her wasn’t necessary, as I had not felt any ill toward her to begin with.  I assured her that that particular cycle would end with me.  I would not leave my children physically or mentally or spiritually.  I broke that chain of behavior and all of the emotions associated with it.

After I loved on her for a while, I took my leave and wished her many blessings.  Sitting Eagle then helped me to fully cleanse myself of any residual energy.  To do this, he wrapped me in a blanket, and laid me atop a funeral pyre where I was cleansed by ritual fire.

After thanking my Spirit Guides, I came back.  I realize that there will need to be a second journey soon, as I need to know the message being conveyed to me by the fine young couple from the late 1800s, but for now, I am healed and happy.