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I have been working with the Norse Pantheon for a over a decade.  However, it was not until the past few months that I began to really dedicate to these Gods.  I have always loved and adored Freyja, and forever will work with her I believe. Oddly though, Odin was never one that I felt particularly compelled to work with.

Since making my dedication for a year and a day, I have come into very close contact with Odin.  He has come to me repeatedly, as though I am only just now within his radar. There is an intensity there that excites me unusually, and he has quite blatantly told me that he wishes for a more intense and long term commitment. At this point I am not sure the full implications of this, which is why I hesitate.  I do not want to feel as though I cannot work with other gods/pantheons, as I am also fiercely drawn to and comfortable with the Egyptian God(s)/esses….. but more on *that* later.

What I find most interesting about Odin that is not as pronounced in my workings with other deities is how profoundly different his presence is for each person that encounters him. When he comes to me, he is a large, strong man of about 45-50.  His hair is greying, but is not full of grey.  He is strong, beautiful, and his energy is intensely sexual. Also, when I see him, Odin has both of his eyes.

Most depictions I have seen of Odin show him with an eye patch, and only one visible eye.  This is because he placed one of his eyes in the Well of Mimir in order to gain the knowledge that resides there.  On one of my journeys he came to me (or perhaps I to him..?) and we discussed the sacrifice of initiation.  He told me that I needed to give him my eye if I wanted to see.  Being in a different realm, I thought “What the heck-..sure!”  Instead of taking my right or left eye, he took my third eye. He then told me that that is the eye that must reside in the well, if I truly wanted to see.

I am in no way saying that my experience is any more or less valid that anyone else’s, that is not it at all.  I am only just interested in the differences, and why they are so profound with this particular deity.  Is it that he is just showing each person the ‘self’ that they need to see in their life’s journey?

I would love to know about your personal experiences with Odin AllFather.