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It can be difficult, after a long hiatus, to get back into the habit of writing regularly. I chose the Great Release because it is an excellent program, and also a fabulous daily prompt. Seems I have missed a few days of posting though….. (I will blame grad school finals – ha!)

counting days

Let’s do a quick recap to get us up-to-date:

The 5th: I love the 5 stick ritual. I am all about breaking negative cycles and divorcing myself from the drama right now. I feel like I am fully in sync with this year’s Release. I had already cleaned out my fridge about a week prior, so instead I cleaned out my pantry and tea shelves. I am much happier with them now!

The 6th: I did not wash the floors, but I did smudge my house. I have been gifted a great deal of sage and have made many smudge sticks from it (which will soon be in my etsy store – more details to follow). It is intense and does the job very well.

The 7th: I did nothing on this day. I was busy taking care of school, my health (I had an ugly sinus infection), and generally keeping with the Chanukkah rituals. I did clean my house a bit though……

The 8th: Again, I was laid up with Sick, and had a final project to complete. I made some healing salves. but other than that I was useless……

The 9th: Yesterday I was all a-flurry with activity. I did some house cleaning, I meditated and cleared out my house and body, I made a bunch of runes and bags…. generally I was just awesome. lol.  I stayed up well past 1am finishing projects for school and personal life.

The 10th (Today): I slept in. I gave yesterday my all, so today required a bit more self care. I did meditate, gather my bits for the craft fair tonight, and generally just took it easy. I look forward to resuming my routine tomorrow.