The Talmud


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Yerushalmi_TalmudMy first recollection of encountering the Talmud was in one of my Jewish Studies classes in college. I didn’t research it much then, but made a note to go back and study it at a later date. Though it took several years for me to approach that “later date” it has finally arrived.

Today I was reading through various Proverbs and Rabbinic writings within the Talmud. I was struck by their richness and the many layers that a line or two can convey. (Proverbs have this effect, don’t they?) This realization hatched an idea – “Shouldn’t I regularly choose one to ruminate and meditate on, much as one would a Zen koen?” I decided immediately that this was/is a brilliant idea, and I shall add this to my practice. Today.





Compared to What?

All Worlds are created equal. Must they also be separate?


I often joke that I have studied every religion from Anglican to Zoroastrianism. Mostly, that is true. In my personal life, as well as in college I delved into the study of philosophy and spirituality. I wrote papers on the Indian Grammarians. Attended Buddhist temples. Participated in Quaranic Exegesis. I learned one thing from each of these belief systems – They are more similar in spirit than they are different.

Perhaps it is another form of the “half full/half empty” conversation, but I tend toward seeing similarities in people/philosophies/situations rather than seeing the differences. For this reason, I excelled in comparative religion studies, and still do.

Yesterday I was sitting down to study. I looked down at the books before me and asked myself why I didn’t specialize in any one tradition. I attend a synagogue to nourish my Jewish self. I teach both a runic magick course and an Egyptian deity circle. Currently I am also delving into the Welsh tradition.

I once heard it said that to progress magickally, one must specialize. I understand this to a degree, but this is not how my brain interacts with knowledge. I see it all as interconnected and shared. These traditions are not separated, but are part of a very harmonious whole. Is this really a novel idea?

Inside Out


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In my last post I spoke about how I was focusing on Shadow Work this year. Along with that has come a nudge from my guides and deities to do another cleanse. I have been trying to put this off for quite sometime, but it seems that all was aligned just so, and I could no longer ignore the need.

The last time I did a cleanse of this nature, it was at the urging of the Morrigan. She told me that it was needed, and in true Morrigan fashion, gave me little choice in the matter. Some of you may recall how intense that was from previous posts; I had crazy dreams, interesting visions, and was refreshed and aware.  This time is turning out to be quite similar.

I am currently rounding out Day 6, and I have noticed that this time it is not as painful a process. My body is happy to expel and release all of the toxins in my system. I am breathing much more clearly, and I am hyper aware of all that is around me and that passes through me.

Prior to this cleanse, I was noticing how the food I was taking in was often making me sluggish and tired. I would become hungry, eat a bit, then want to take a nap. I was not eating a lot, but I was also gaining weight. It just seemed that my body was severely out of balance, so when my guides insisted upon the cleanse, I knew they were right.

This time I hope to go for a whole month, and fully clean out my system. After which, I will have to slowly introduce other foods besides fruits and vegetables. I am a vegetarian, but I may become closer to a fruititarian when this is all over. I feel good, and love the heightened sensitivity that I feel in all aspects of my Self.

The Year of Living Dangerously


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Well, not dangerously, per se. This year I have chosen to do intensive Shadow Work. By making that declaration, I have invited parts of myself from the deepest recesses of my consciousness to come forth and make themselves known. As they surface, I must take the responsibility of working through them.

The point of shadow work is to bring into the light any of the aspects of your self that are blocking you from becoming fully aligned with and functioning as your Higher Self. This work is continuous as we live through each life, allowing us to eventually transcend this plane being fully actualized in our Bee-ing, a Hollow Bone, if you will.

My desire this lifetime is to work through a whole heck of a lot of my “issues” so that I can live a more (internally) peaceful life, and be a conduit for the works of Spirit.


One misconception about the shadow self is that it is a “bad” part of one’s self. I don’t actually agree with this. I honor my shadow, knowing that shadow is required to find a balance and be a complete, whole person. It is the act of repressing those darker parts of our Self that we become out of balance. Shadow work is the space in which we acknowledge and rebalance those pieces of ourselves.

This type of work is done alone. I have been far from social in recent months, due to many factors, but mostly because of my need to fully examine and address what has been brought forth into my consciousness. I have been amazed at the growth this has afforded me, and at the same time painfully aware of the growth that is still needed in my life.

Currently, I am in the stage of purging. I am attempting to get rid of all that no longer serves me, in all realms from physical to spiritual. I have been cleaning our relationships, my physical possessions, my calendar, and nearly every other category that you can imagine. I am scaling down to a more minimalist, unfettered existence without the trappings that weigh me down and keep me from clearly walking the path I have chosen.

In the coming months, I hope to fully integrate all of these changes and walk with discernment and sensitivity, doing the work of Spirit.

Bee The Change

This is a very worthwhile cause. Let’s get the word out and make it happen!

Gothic Urban Beekeeper

As I have mentioned in a couple of previous posts, I work for the American Honey Bee Protection Agency (AHBPA). We work to save honey bees by educating the public, and through no-kill extractions of feral honey bees from places where they are not wanted and relocating them in places were they are wanted.

Currently we are running a campaign on Indie Go Go so that we can continue to do this work effectively. We would like to be able to expand our efforts, both in extraction and relocation and in our education programs. Please take a look at this campaign, and donate if you feel so moved.


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Writers Must Write


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Each year, as you know, I set a list of goals for myself. One of these goals was to do more writing. I have achieved that goal in spades. In fact, I now have to be more stringent with my scheduling so that I can meet all of my deadlines. Here is a gander at what is currently on my plate, projects I am excited about:

  • I have been writing for Pagan Pages and recently was given sole responsibility for reviews. I am ecstatic! I get to read new books, hear programs, listen to music, and sample apps. Life is good!
  • A publisher has expressed mild interest in one of my books. I have been invited to send in a chapter and proposal. The ball is in my court, and I am coming out swinging!
  • A friend of mine has started publishing a new magazine. I have been invited to regularly contribute work to it. My first contribution, and the beginning of a series, will be a couple pages discussing the Elder Futhark. I plan to cover 3 runes per issue. The creative freedom afforded me in this project is really exciting!

I love writing, it is a way that I speak my soul. I am thankful that I made space in my life for these opportunities, so thankful. I am blessed.

writing nib

Feeding My Spirit, Nurturing My Soul


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So much has happened over the course of the past couple months. My life has shifted dramatically, and I feel that I am on a better, more fulfilling course. When last I wrote here, I believe that I was doing some substitute teaching and looking for more full-time employment that would nurture my soul and feed my spirit. I found that, in spades.

When I lost my last job, I made a list of the things that I wanted for my next job. I sat down and made a list of the things that I love to do, then tried to paint them within a bigger picture. This is the list that I came up with.

  1. I love to teach. I feel that to teach well, you must constantly be learning, and learning is of utmost importanceBee Lovin' to me.
  2. Service is a part of who I am. I do not feel right spending most of my time doing activities that do not in some way contribute to the betterment of the world.
  3. Doing the same repetitive task over and over kills me. I need variety in my life. Every day.
  4. Sitting in one spot all day long was killing me. I need to be more physically active.

After making that list, I tried relentlessly to find the “Perfect” job, but it turns out, it found me, which is another story in and of itself.

Anyway, now I work for a non-profit, leading the education department and setting into order the workings of the organization. That organization’s mission is to save the honey bee. I teach people about bees and their importance to our lives. I am in service to a greater cause. Each day is new, and I get to wear many hats.  Plus, I work outside with bees about 1/3 of time. Goddess is Good!

Don’t Hate – Collaborate!


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In one of my last posts here, I was talking about having lost my job, and the wonderful opportunities that had afforded me. Since losing our family’s main source of income, I have been completely restructuring my life. I have started a couple of new business ventures, and begun steering my Ship in only directions that I feed my soul.  I have been dancing more, singing more, teaching regularly, and filling my world with Art. Sadly, that is not all that has been part of my life…..

Of late, I have found that many of my “friends” do not wish for my success. People that I once embraced have betrayed me in ways I could not have expected. I know some of this is because I am in the “public eye” more, as public as my niche in my city is…. but in all honesty, such behavior is never okay. Allow me to elaborate.

A dear friend and I recently started a bi-monthly art market, much like a Farmer’s Market. We have different vendors come out each time and showcase their wares as folks are milling about having their coffee and donuts in the food trailer on premise. We started this and, of course, told all of our friends to come and showcase their wares, as their success is part of why we are doing this. Many friends took us up on the offer. However, a couple decided to copy our model (nearly word for word) and start their own market. To add insult to injury, they invited all of our mutual friends to take part, but did not invite us. *tsk, tsk, tsk*

Another example: I was working on a new business venture with that same dear friend. (We really are trying to make our lives all about doing what we love.) She added me into her cooperative venture. Not even a week in, she received some uncomplimentary feedback, before we had even begun to do business. The naysayer , a mutual friend, was slinging bad juju before we had opened our business, and while we were getting our duckies in a row, if you will. Would it not have been better to ask question or offer input, rather than making assumptions and talking smack?

I know that there will always be haters, especially when one is being innovative and taking charge of their environment, but the saddest part for me is that I called these folks friends, and they were part of my larger spiritual community.  I had thought better of them. Sad.

Anyway, I would like to say that I have learned a lesson from this, but I cannot. Just know, I have raised my shields, put up my boundaries, and presented them with a mirror. Shame on the witch that seeks to harm another Witch.


Great Release Program – Close to Wrapping Up


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So, I have not been posting a much about this journey. The holidays were truly busy for me, even though technically I have been unemployed. I haven’t stopped to sit down and write, though I have been keeping up with this wonderful program. I would say it is a highlight in my December, for certain!

One thing that I noticed about this project, my family has fallen into step with me. They have seen my efforts, and joined in. We have rearranged the house and eliminated a great deal of clutter. There is still some to go, as we never did tackle the cottage, but I feel like momentum has picked up, and we will continue even after December.

My one regret…. I didn’t take any “Before” and “After” photos.

Next year.